Template Variable Panels break when value is set to all

What happened:
I have panels that use template variables for filtering. All of a sudden, whenever I select All as the value, it shows no data and gives the following error. Unknown error due to query transactions.

But when I select a filtered value it works just fine.

When the value in the variable is set to all, it should pull all the metrics for all the data.

What you expected to happen:
I expect it to show all the metrics for all the values in the time series.

Create a panel that uses a Grafana variable and Prometheus label. {variable=~"$variable"}. Then select All.

I am using Grafana version 7.5.4

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @niyiodumosu

do you think you could try and replicate this on our public sandbox, https://play.grafana.org? :pray:

Hey Matt, I went to the Templated Dynamic Dashboard and selected all. The query appeared to work just fine. I have included a screenshot of the query when I have selected All in the dashboard. This query looks just fine as it pulls data from the datasource.

However, in our dashboard…when All is selected I see this.