In grafana graph , while hovering showing old data but when i click on the point its showing the actual value

while hovering the graph it’s showing old data in the graph, while clicking on the graph points then only showing the real values. how to stop showing old value or how to show the real-time value in hovering instead of old value in hovering in the graph

This is quite odd. Firstly, you’ll notice that in the second screenshot that there isn’t actually any data being shown (the 242V value that you see in the first is missing from the tooltip), so I guess you’re talking about the green dot. That may be related to the alert threshold rather than the data…I’m not sure.

To help figure out what’s going on, could you do the following:

  • Look at the data in the query inspector and verify that data for current time stamps actually exists (maybe share a screenshot)
  • Temporarily disable the alert so that the orange threshold line goes away (at least for me, this makes it harder to see the what’s happening)
  • In the visualization options, turn on data points so that the individual data points are highlighted in the chart

i tried the above steps, and now my graph is working fine and hovering data also coming correct.