Image render issue

I install image rendering plugins
and got an error message from grafana log

error log:

logger=context t=2022-12-09T16:06:23.48+0800 lvl=eror msg="Rendering failed." error="rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = Unauthorized request"
logger=context t=2022-12-09T16:06:23.48+0800 lvl=eror msg="Request Completed" method=GET path=/render/d-solo/3YJl933nk/rawdata_v2 status=500 remote_addr=time_ms=22 size=1344 referer=

how can I fix it

also, I have another question that is how can I use image render got entire dashboard


Hi @nicochang96 ,

Can you please tell which Grafana version you are using?


Hi I am using grafana v8.4.4

Thanks for the quick reply.

This seems to be a known issue which was reported in this post that also contains a solution:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: