Ignore certain values in a graph

I am new to Influxdb and grafana the only issue is have is random values in the influxdb. I would like the grpah i have for humidity to not show values over 100. I googled this and found an answer stating add an ADD to the query for the graph, issue I have is I can find no way to add an AND to the query is this possible if so how please? tried googling it but googling AND doesn’t return useful results!

I have tried removing the unwanted values from influxdb seems deleting from influx does not work or is not feature so gave up on that idea and hoping grafana can solve this daft problem.

Toggle the query display mode so it shows the query in SQL format. Then you can enter whatever you want. Don’t change the mode back though or it will throw away your extras.

Thank you simple when you know the answer!