I need to see the start and end of a bot execution

Hello. I have 5 workstations and many bots running on them. Bots start and stop throughout the day.

I want to see a graph that shows a timeline with the beginnings and endings of each bot. one graph per workstation or the ideal would be to see all in one.

Someting like this. With the look and feel of Grafana

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Are you persisting these states in a database?

Hi, yes we have the information in a msSQL database, in a table with to folowing columns:
workstation (r234234cc0001)
botuser (B1234)
startTime (2023-11-09 11:42:01)
endTime (2023-11-09 12:12:32)
ExecutionTimeinMinutes ( 30)
executionResult (OK, NOTOK, NULL)
errorDetail (log error)

actually all the columns are varchar, but have the format time.


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What type of graph is that called?

Might this work
Examples - Apache ECharts

It is a grafana plugin

Great, i dig in to Apache ECharts, I thought that with the Traces plugin, what I need could work. but with Traces, with the Traces plugin I don’t understand what data set I need

@yosiasz, thanks for the usefull tip to use Apache Echarts,
I was able to install it and get to a new dashboard, add the panel, I copied the code from the link you sent me and I am trying to interpret the JS code but it is getting complicated, is there a way to see some documentation about it?
What is this type of chart called in Apache Echarts?

thank for all

Not sure what it is called

Here is documentation

Look here for full list of portfolio.

The js script is just going through a data.series

If you are not familiar or comfortable and experienced with js it might not be the plugin for you as it is fully dependent on js code

Great, thank you very much @yosiasz, I’m going to review those documentations to see where we get to, although I don’t have much knowledge of JS, it will be a matter of learning. Greetings

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I think the plugin Gantt is also working for you.
Please take a look at my sharing " A practice to use Grafana to display the status of the job schedule". :grinning:

thanks for the advice! Searching I found it yesterday and installed it then with a simple query it showed me what I need now I have to polish it.

thank you

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