I cannot create or edit a panel for Discrete or Statusmap plugins

I have several sensors running successfully with Grafana + InfluxDB, and have wanted to add one that simply has an on/off status. I downloaded the Discrete and the Statusmap plugins. When I tried to add a panel using either of these plug-ins, I got an almost empty window that simply lists the installed plugins. It also says “no installed data sources,” which is not true. There were no options to add data sources or edit pretty much anything.

I’m not a Grafana expert, and I’m clearly missing something, but I can’t find documentation other than how to download and install the plugin, which I’ve done. If all else fails I’ll simply make a bar chart.

The interface appeared today, not sure what was different.

A specific issue with Statusmap: There’s a color choice that’s fixed on lime green. I’ve tried clicking on a color or entering a hex URL, but nothing changes.