Grafana zoom in feature in visualization graphs / plugins: statusPanel


I am having trouble in viewing data on plugin as well as a built in Panel.
Details as below:

I am using plugin : Statusmap and a build in plugin: Table, provided by grafana to verify my findings. I have a set of data which is distributed among a timeline. While I try to zoom in the map to the finest level, in spite of having data in the db to which it is connected too(I am using Influx db), it shows me ‘No Data’ on both the downloaded and used plugin : statusmap as well as the built in panel plugin : table.

Attaching screenshot for reference.
Working Scenario
from and to time ranges are 1 sec apart

Not working scenario:
from and to timeranges are 0 sec apart
Status map and table pane

Is the time-range not considering milliseconds into account?

Requesting if someone could help on it.