How to use plotly panel in Grafana?

My data source is Postgres and my query returns columns min,max,mean,std,q1,median and q3. Now how do I plot these data as Box Plot using plotly panel.

Check this docu out

Something like this ?

let jumbo; => {
 jumbo = s.fields.reduce(function ( a, current ) {
      a[] = current.values.buffer;
      return a;
  }, {});

  Object.assign(jumbo, {type: "box"});
  return jumbo;

return {
  data : [jumbo],
  config : {
  displayModeBar: true

make sure you alias your fields as follows

min as lowerfence, max as upperfence,mean,std as sd,q1,median, q3

Thanks @yosiasz , I got that working.

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hello, any details for this one? How to use MySql data for this panel?

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Nothing differen from the above solution