How to use Column styles in the Table visualization (Grafana V9.0.4)

I am using Grafana V9.0.4 running as docker container

I am trying to use Column styles in the table visualization. I have a table which contains data of different types. Some in numbers/ some in bytes/ some in percentage.
I see there is Standard options where we can select the Unit. But in my case I want multiple units and the overrides doesnt seem to have this option either.
I see the column styles option in the Table(old) visualization. But not in the new one.
Please guide me how to do that?


welcome to the :grafana: community @srikar3!

You’re on the right track, you can set one unit in standard options. Then you can add a field override for the additional fields.

When I tried this out for you I noticed that it’s not obvious at first glance that the units list is scrollable. So if you just click the drop-down next to unit, you’ll only see about the first 6 options. You’ll want to hover your mouse pointer over that list and scroll down, then you’ll find the units you’re looking for in the Data category.

Here’s an example of how you can do the override:

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 9.10.51 PM