How to upgrade Grafana from Version 5 to Version 6?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Grafana. we are using grafana on AWS Redhat Fedora. Can anyone please suggest the documentation to upgrade version 5 to version 6?


Just install the new version over the old version.

Hi ,
Thank you for the response.
Could you please review the steps and let me know if i am missing anything?

Step-by-Step ( Redhat)

Step 1 - Backup of the database (/var/lib/grafana/grafana.db)
Step 2 - Backup of the Configuration file (/etc/grafana/grafana.ini)
Step 3 - upgrade version 5 to version 6 using “yum”
sudo yum update/upgrade grafana
Do the fresh installation on top of existing one with
sudo yum install