How to "transpose" columns and rows ... use variable to create columns in a table


I am using Grafana 9.1.2 on RHEL 8.

On a dashboard I show multiple stat panels over a number of ‘environments’.

  • 1 row repeating over a variable (values are to be determined at runtime)
  • different stat panels with 1 query each.

If there are too many queries, the panel title does not contain all data because there are too many columns. Tooltips are a partial solution to overcome this.
In some installations the number of rows (environments) is very limited (2-3)

Is there an alternative “style” that one can use to transpose rows and columns? So some kind of table with

  • one query per row
  • First column can contain “the description of the query”’ (similar to the above panel title per query)
  • And individual columns per “environment” value, showing the content for that value

Any idea is welcome,