How to display multiple one-number metrics

Grafana Version 8.2.5
RHEL 8.2

I want to have a panel containing a table displaying multiple stats (such as mean, more percentiles etc - one number provided by influxdb)

What I tried is creating a table with multiple queries but unfortunately it only displays one stat at a time.


The table has a selector below and I can select the different queries but I would like to have them displayed all at the same time

Welcome to the :grafana: community @toadereandreas!

I see you’re trying to calculate percentiles, can you please follow these steps to share your raw unformatted data? That way, the community can try and mock up your problem to suggest a solution :+1:

If you can also share the query or a couple of sample queries that you’re using, that will help us to be able to give you some advice. Based on some searching this should be possible - but this is for the old table panel, seeing your data will help - Add support to render values of multiple queries in the same table by davkal · Pull Request #10050 · grafana/grafana · GitHub