SingleStat - Percentile Assistance?

I’m looking for some help with percentile on a SingleStat in Grafana. I’ve got some data that I’ve got going into an InfluxDB using a continuous query similar to Calculate 95th percentile bandwidth with influxdb. This is good. I’ve checked the data from Influx itself with a CSV export to Excel and calculated the 95th percentile on Excel, but that does not match that of which is being shown from Grafana. I also tested changing the percentile to different values and it should have moved, but it does not.

My Grafana Query is:

SELECT percentile("inbitspersec", 95) FROM "autogen"."bandwidth" WHERE ("ifDescr" =~ /^$Interface$/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1m) fill(none)

I would expect that the number shown by Grafana would match that of the Excel calculation =PERCENTILE(B2:B268,0.95)

On the Options tab I have tried both a Stat of Average and First in this state. When I move to Average the number gets further away than what it should be.

Unit is set to data rate bits/sec.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

I’m still looking and one of the interesting things I observed is that Influx does have some None entries. So that is likely another issue. Is it possible that Grafana is treating the None entries within the series as a 0 instead of ignoring it on the series?

Have you found a solution? I’m having the same problem…