95 percentile, value different given the client OS


I’m using Grafana v5.4.3 with influxDB 1.6.1 on debian, and I have weird results with the percentile method on different browsers and platforms.

I have created a table to have 95percentile in/out (see picture below), and the results are OK on all devices for a ‘small’ time period (i.e. : 1 day, 7 days).

But when I look at a 30 days time period, I have different results (I copy/pasted the same URL between all devices).
Some Mac desktop have correct results, others don’t (tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari),
iPhone have a 1/2 ratio (if correct result was 100, iPhone show 50) and android have a 1/6 ratio (tried on Chrome and Firefox).

This look extremely odd to me, does anybody would have any clue to troubleshoot this?