How to setup up grafana for high availability using mysql as backend and store sessions?

Hi ,
I am trying to configure grafana 7.0.1 for HA using the tutorial at setup is using 2 linux instances running grafana and both use mysql as the backend.
A stateless load balancer can route requests to either server .I saw a few issues
1)I couldn’t save permissions for the users using the land balanced url .I could if I directly used the url with the hostname directly .Could this be due to session not being setup?
2)The docs states that after 6.2 I don’t need to setup session to be stored in mysql?
I tried setting up the provider using
but don’t see anything in logs so not sure if its working
3)I installed grafana 7.3.3 but don’t see the session section at all in the default.ini.
provider = mysql
provider_config = grafana_user:UnholyConfessions@tcp(
Was it removed?