Configuring high availability for grafana


We have a grafana server with version 6.3 running on a AWS EC2 instance. It is using the default sqlite3 database which is in /var/lib/grafana/ location on the server.

Now, we would like to implement high availability for grafana such that the grafana server will be using a MYSQL database that is hosted through AWS RDS.

I was able to get the sqlite3 database and convert into Mysql by following this guide and was able to access all data through sql workbench.

Now, I installed a fresh 6.3 version of grafana on a new instance and configured it such that it uses the Mysql database on RDS.

I can see the dashboard names and was able to login with existing usernames but when I access dashboards, I get empty dashboards. Can anyone help me please?

Thank you!

Else, if anyone can guide me through any other backup/restore solution for high availability, that would be great.