Grafana Database

Can we use grafana.db file ,can we use it from postgres . can you please let me know how to do this

Hi @shruti,

Can you please describe your case in a bit more detail?

For e.g.

  • what is the current default database Grafana is using?
  • Do you want to move from the current Grafana database to Postgres?

We want to use postgres .whether we can can use this grafana.db with postgres.what are the steps

Try this:

Perhaps it suitable for your setup.


Do you currently have grafana running with any dashboards? And do you want to migrate grafana to use postgres instead of sqlite (grafana.db)

yes ,But how we can use postgres using grafana.db

I dont think I understand that. Grafana.db is sqlite database
Postgres is another database type

Do you mean visualize postreg on grafana?

Actaully i have updated as per the steps which is sent by you , but now grafana UI page is not able to access . i can see the tables in the terminal.

Is your grafana.ini already set to consume the postgres, including database URL, databasen ame, user and password?
You can find at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini
Then you need to restart the grafana using systemctl restart grafana-server


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yes i have added and restarted but i cannot access grafana UI which means port no 3000 is not able to access

This is the logs .

Check the port using netstat -an | grep 3000.

If the node in the it means only localhost can access, then you need to change the IP binding to or your IP instead of localhost.


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