Grafana in High Availability Cluster

Hello! I am experimenting with setting up a High Availability Cluster with Grafana.

Currently, I have 2 nodes in 2 Availability Zones sharing a common NFS. Grafana’s data directory (where sqlite3 file stored) is mapped to the NFS so that it is accessible from any node.

My question: is it possible (or is it safe) if I have 2 Grafana instances simultaneously sharing the same data directory with grafana.db in it? Or do I actually need to switch to MySQL or Postgres?

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Hi, I am working on setting up the High Availability Cluster with Grafana. Could you please provide documentation if you have any.


I did it.
I set up 2 server for HA, I install MySQL.
You can’t use grafana.db to share.

First, you need to do is to setup MySQL or Postgres on another server and configure Grafana to use that database.


Thank you, this is useful to know, that just sharing grafana.db will not work.