Run 2 Grafana instances from 1 DB; one instance behind reverse proxy

I have a single Grafana instance with sqlite as backend. I now have customers on a network segment that forces them to go over an internal reverse proxy to access resources.

I now though of doing the following:

  • move the backend from sqlite to MariaDB
  • set up a second Grafana instance but configure only that one for use behind a RP
  • point both Grafanas to the MariaDB backend

I guess, unless links are hardcoded in the dashboards, this should work? Anybody tried this before?

I couldn’t say for sure what will work or won’t work with your specific network architecture, BUT, generally, you can run two grafana instances off of one DB using a Grafana HA setup:

perhaps worth exploring?

Hi, I’m in a similar situation. What I need is to install a second grafana instance on my debian server. I cannot find more help, could you plese give me some tip? The actual runing instance was intalled via common .deb package. Now I simply need to install a second one.