How to create 2 instances on same installation on local

How to create multiple instances on same installation on local.

Also what is the use of having multiple instances. My need is grafana monitoring 5 databases and updating some 100 dashboards. Number of users is 30. Db source is mysql, dashboard db is inbuilt sqllite.
Is sqllite enough for this? Or we need to set mysql as db and spin 2 instances?

What are advantages of 2 instances?


Well you yourself asked about creating 2 instances :wink: so why do you want to create 2 instances?

@yosiasz I am learning about how to plan the implementation of grafana oss for my team, so i came across having 2 instances for load balancing perspective but I am not a technical person so was thinking about getting some insight on that. If 2 instances would not be required for the requirement i mentioned in the question, i am good to not have that but i am just starting with grafana.

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I would go with 1 for now.
Have you worked with load balancing in general in the past?

Thanks @yosiasz i have not worked with load balancing. I do automation and lighthouse performance test for applications. This report is for visualizing performance scores of the application over time. Also is sqlite enough? or should i go with mysql.

Do you have any experience with mysql

Yes i have

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Go for it then. I recommend 2 instances not for load balancing but for dev-test environment and the other a live one for your team

Thanks @yosiasz now how do i create 2 instances? Wen u say 2 instances, can it have different config, db?

If it is on 2 different servers nothing diffferent one from the other just follow the install guide and read the documentation

I only have 1 server, is it possible to have 2 instances?

Sure, just change port number of one from 3000

@yosiasz correct me If I am wrong, I also have never worked with work balancing but. that specific use case shouldn’t be with in a cluster??.

I mean what is the point of having 2 instances and trying to balance load if both are in the same server … in the end both are pulling resources from the same machine, right?

High Availability should be about redundancy, isn’t It.? so more than one instance being able to respond if the other cannot or just distribute the overall workload from one server to more.

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@yosiasz Ok so i can copy paste the grafana folder to create a 2nd instance and edit the config files for each. @fercasjr i did not think about it.

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you are correct on all points. but the instances in this case is not for load balancing on same server (makes no sense like you said) but since OP does not have another test server, the same server will be used to host both test and live (which also makes no sense but due to lack of another server to host test grafana on)