How to set timeout for snapshot when creating it with HTTP API

I don’t see in documentation how can i set timeout when creating snapshot using HTTP API. Is there way to do that? I need this because if I don’t set timeout of at least 4seconds then every time user opens the snapshot’s URL it will get lot of “Unauthorized” errors with e.g. “Annotation Query Failed” etc.

Hello @ivanzd, did you already solve your problem ? i need to know also on how to set timeout for snapshot with api, unauthorized error is showing on mine.

Hi @adonis, I couldn’t solve it, this option is not available with grafana API and seems they don’t have plan to implement it. I opened github issue for this but they closed it immediately

I think we are in the same problem as of now, do you have any plan to solve this prob ? because my one way to only solve this is to enable the anonymous access

Yes I’m also missing good solution, I still hope there would be some new release that would have better sharing possibilities for external users but unfortunately they don’t show interest at the moment.
If you come up with some workaround please share it :slight_smile: