Saving a snapshot on own local server via browser works, but fails via HTTP API

Setup: GrafanaMain server in cloud and a GrafanaSnapshot server with reverse ngix.

  1. Creating an external snapshot from GrafanaMain works almost perfect. Only flaw is that the snapshot does not show up under “dashboard/snapshots” overview.

  2. Creating the same snapshot via the API with “external = false” works 100%

  3. Creating the same snapshot via the API with external = True does give a (valid) response but clicking the link results in error. Altering the domain to Grafana main shows the snapshot, altering to the snapshot server in “Failed to get dashboard snapshot”.

The response:
“deleteKey”: “asdee”,
“deleteUrl”: “http://localhost:3000/api/snapshots-delete/asdee”,
“key”: “ased”,
“url”: “http://localhost:3000/dashboard/snapshot/ased

The JSON that works for situation 2 ends with:

“expires”: 3600

and the json for situation 3 ends with:

“expires”: 3600,
“name”: “een test api”,
“external”: true,
“key”: “ased”,

The rest is equal.

Anybody having a clue how I make this work?

Please use search function. Can't publish snapshots to a custom external server

tnx for answering. Did use the search function and cors was not the problem. Creating the snapshot from the browser to the external server works fine. Making the same snapshot (with “”) the HTTP API is where it fails.

Okay. What Grafana version are you using?