How to set `allow_embedding`?

I want to embed a certain dashboards for my end-user using public dashboard. I learned from How to embed Grafana dashboards into web applications | Grafana Labs that i need to set allow_embedding to true, how can I do so?

Add " - GF_SECURITY_ALLOW_EMBEDDING=true " into your DockerFile and rebuild your Grafana

To make embedding = true i cannot see embed opsition in my aws grafana why any one suggest me and why i cannot see all opsition in aws garfana compared to garfana cloud .

Hi @gaetanpadovani - there are a few different ways to work with Grafana so the configuration options will vary depending on your environment. For example, allow_embed is not a supported setting for the hosted Grafana Cloud platform. You can choose to enable this setting for a self-hosted environment running Grafana open source software or Grafana Enterprise license.

I’m not as familiar with allowed configuration settings for the official partnerships such as Amazon Managed Grafana or Azure Managed Grafana, however I would recommend checking in with their support team if you are using these other managed platforms.

And for anyone interested in this topic in general, more context is available in this engineering blog post:

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