Grafana Cloud - Embed Live Dashboard

Is it possible to embed a ‘live’ Grafana Cloud dashboard? I understand that it is possible to embed a raintank ‘snapshot’, but I wish to publish live data with a 5s refresh rate.

In addition, I wish to embed the dashboard in kiosk mode (i.e. without menus).

Is any of this possible?

Is there another way to make Grafana Cloud dashboards public and/or embeddable?

I had rather imagined that this would be core functionality, but perhaps I have misunderstood how people use Grafana.


Hi @alex4490 - the ability to publicly share Grafana Cloud dashboards is currently a customization that can be done via the Grafana Labs support team for Grafana Cloud Standard and Grafana Cloud Enterprise plans, but not on the free hosted Grafana Cloud instances. More information on this is available in the Grafana Cloud docs.