How to present Grafana Dashboard on Samsung TV-digital signage (Player Tizen 4.0 - MagicInfo)

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    Grafana version: 8.4.3

  • What are you trying to achieve?
    On production Lines (Machines) we have Samsung TV screens-digital signage. on these screens, we need present Dashboards that is created in Grafana Based on Machine time-series (different metrics)

** How are you trying to achieve it?*
Samsung TV Screens -digital signage is coming with Scheduler Tool Magic Info and the inside TV is Player Tizen 4.0.
We create the Link With Kiosk Mode on our Dashboard and we try to present that information on the Samsung TV Screen

  • What happened?
    We get just Black windows with some red text:
    if you are seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files

  • What did you expect to happen?
    I Expect to see that Dashboard that was created.

Question did any one is running grafana Dashboards with Magic Info on Samsung TV digital signage

Can you confirm that the dashboards appear as expected if you use a standard
computer and browser?


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Yes it’s perfectly works from regular PC, was tested with chrome, Edge, Firefox

Trying to exactly the same thing and am seeing the same problem. I suspect that we just need to add the browser to a list of known broswers and it should display ok.
Anyone from grafana can point us in the direction of a kb which explains how to add a browser?

It seems to be possible to add support for other browsers via the files in core\utils.

A guide to modifying this would be handy. What language is this? Is it possible to execute some tests from the command line to check if the modified code is correct?

I’m happy to make the changes but a few pointers from the authors of Grafana would help.

I’ve continued investigating this a bit with a view to modifying the code to add support for the samsung signage devices.
But, I’ve come across something strange which I can’t figure out.
The useragent string on the built in browser is

which I thought was the source of the problems, however, if I configure a user agent extension in chrome and get chrome to use the useragent string above then Grafana works just fine.

I’m certain the useragent is the same as the Samsung as I can browse to a test site and I see the useragent being logged for the site.

So, theres something else going on which is causing Grafana to display the message indicating that the browser isn’t compatible.

Any idea what it may be?

Também tentei de algumas formas desabilitar esta validação de navegador, mas não tive sucesso.
Isso fez com que todos os meus dashbords parassem de funcionar nas tv. Tem como desabilitar isso?