Failed to open Grafana in WebOS, Tizen OS and Android TV

What happened :
When accessing the Grafana URL that is on my server through Smart TVs LG, Samsung and Sony, it returns “If you’re seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files”, and when accessing another Grafana, it is possible to access it and log in.

What you expected to happen :
It was expected that at least the login screen would be displayed, however, only the loading and error message are returned.

How to reproduce it (as minimal and accurate as possible) :
Via a Samsung, LG or Sony Smart TV, access a URL of a Grafana in version 8.5.0-pre.

Environment :

  • Grafana Version: 8.5.0-pre
  • Data source type and version: N/A
  • OS Grafana is installed on: Ubuntu 21.04
  • User OS and browser: TizenOS, WebOS, AndroidTV.
  • Grafana plugins: N/A
  • Others: N/A

Note: We have already followed all the steps indicated on the error screen, such as: Reverse Proxy Verification, Grafana.ini adjustments…

Note 2: We also test in Desktop and Mobile browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox…

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this is a known issue. See this thread: