Grafana 8.1.1. vs Samsung Signage Tizen browser 2.1 -> not working

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

  • Grafana v8.1.1 (90c87a52f7)

  • What are you trying to achieve?
    Originally functional dasboards on Samsung TV with tizen v 2.1 browser

  • How are you trying to achieve it?
    We have updated Samsung TV to the latest firmware, the result is the same, the Grafana does not work

  • What happened?
    After updating Grafana to version 8.1.1, the dashboards on TV Samsug stopped working

  • What did you expect to happen?
    I expected that even after updating the Grafana, the dasboard on the Samsung TV will work, but it does not work

  • Can you copy/paste the configuration(s) that you are having problems with?
    unfortunately I have no way to pull this option

  • Did you receive any errors in the Grafana UI or in related logs? If so, please tell us exactly what they were.

  • Did you follow any online instructions? If so, what is the URL?
    Requirements | Grafana Labs


sorry to hear that. There is a rather large discussion about Samsung TVs and Grafana in our repo. I’d check out this long thread, and maybe the other linked issues.

If the problem persists I would either hop on one of those threads or maybe file a new bug report :+1:

That Thread for some reason has been closed over a year ago. Problem ongoing since past 6.7!

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I agree with safadig, that referring to a closed thread makes no sense, especially when we are dealing with a completely different version than the one dealt with in that closed thread. In my case, it is not even possible to downgrade Grafana back to the version with which it worked, so the only way is for Grafana to simply start being able to communicate with Samsung Signage panels again.

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Hello! I am experiencing the same issue on the same TV. Same error message and all.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Hi, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a problem with that, unfortunately I didn’t have time for anyone to solve it, my temporary but functional solution is raspberry PI and Grafana in Chromium.

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Thanks for the reply and the tip! Sadly I need it for work, so it has to work directly from the TV browser.
I read somewhere that old versions of Grafana keep working on the Samsung TV, so maybe that’s something I will try.

Sure, I understand it’s not possible to downgrade to an older version of Grafana in our enterprise environment for functional reasons, so I was trapped and otherwise I couldn’t solve it.

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