Best Digital Signage Solution?

Hey Guys,

can some of you please share your experiences displaying your Data on TVs ?
I have a Samsung Monitor (s43bm700uu) and i’d like to use it to show a Dashboard in our Office (so it should only turn on during the week in the morning and turn off in the evening).

What can you guys recommend?
Is Posterbooking a good service for that?

Hi @hazenjaqdx3,

Thanks for opening this post.

This sounds like a good question for the community to answer as I do not have any experience with it but keen to find out more about it.

I can at least suggest looking for the requirements (especially for the supported web browsers) and the best would be to test and check if the Samsung TV device has the capability to support it.

I hope this helps.

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Hey @usman.ahmad

the Samsung TV technically works with the built-in Webbrowser. But its definitely not reliable enough for me.
I am starting the TV over Wake-On-Lan and very often it will not open the website (so it starts into the main menu).
Additionally, after 4 Hours the TV goes into sleeping mode, which I then again have to manually react to.

Yeah the Samsun tv’s browser is clunky. There are ways to install chrome on Samsung tv.

Or can you change the sleep timer to be on a schedule as it has nothing to do with grafana but the tv.

Also can you make your grafana url the default home url?

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What you can do is to setup a default page pointing to your Dashboard whenever the browser is launched (or if possible in TV to automatically open the browser as soon it starts).

Since we have already launched the Public Dashboards feature so could be more easier to put the URL into the browser as the default page instead of doing it manually.

Also found this from our GitHub as a known issue that Samsung Signage browsers are not supported with Grafana.