How to pass inputs to panels on a dashboard dynamically

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Is there a way i cann pass inputs to a panel dynamically by selecting a value on a panel on the dashboard?

In simpler terms I have a dashboard with multiple panels. On the top of the dashboard I have a discrete graph.
Now I want to pass the inputs to all other panels on the dashboard dynamically based on what I select on the discrete graph.

I also have variables defined and through them the filtered values in the discrete graph is populated.

Next step is I do not want to make multiple selections from the variables to display data on the left over panels, instead all the left over panels should pick the inputs based on the selection from my discrete graph.

what are all possible ways in which i can make the dashboard in such a way where i just have to select 1 value from the panel and it reflects and gives away changes to all the other panels.

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Sharad Malpani

Grafana has a live example for doing most of this.

…and we’ve done something like this ourselves.
We started by creating our own “Scripted Dashboard”
A scripted dashboard let’s you author javascript that returns the entire json structure for an entire dashboard…then grafana displays the dash for the json your code created.

You launch/invoke it by putting a carefully formatted URL into your browser, see this link for details:
You pass parameters into your javascript as URL parameters

But telling your end users to use hand-tweak URLs isn’t very user friendly.
So you create a Table/Panel creates/presents these carefully formatted URLs in a table cell.
Here is the example of the table panel.

Then when you configure your URL in the Table Panel, you add template variables.$FOO_TEMPLATE_VAR&bar=$BAR_TEMPLATE_VAR

…and of course the values of FOO_TEMPLATE_VAR and BAR_TEMPLATE_VAR will be things the user has selected on the table panel.

That’s just a high-level sketch, hope that gets you started. See screenshot below for how you configure your Table Panel with the URL to your Scripted Dashboard, and template variables.

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