How to pass an array field from a table into a datalink

How to pass an array field from a table into a datalink. Currently it is passing the value as a comma separated, which I can’t use to set a multi-select filter.

Note: This is not a variable, it’s a data field

Sample Array = [“Test1”, “Test2”] (value in the table)
Current URL

Expected URL

Hi @dhirajahuja ,
Take a look at Variable Syntax Query parameters :

Query parameters

Formats single- and multi-valued variables into their query parameter representation. Example: var-foo=value1&var-foo=value2

servers = ["test1", "test2"]
String to interpolate: '${servers:queryparam}'
Interpolation result: "var-servers=test1&var-servers=test2"


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Those multi-value is in the table cell and not a variable. Please look at the screen shot below (container (unique values) column. E.g. is c1,c2,c3. So When I am trying to pass them as a datalink they are passed as comma separated value rather than multi-select value.