How to merge results of multiple queries into the same column?


I’m using Grafana v10.4.2

I want to combine the query outputs (limited to one row) of 4 queries into one column called ‘Error’. The query outputs are boolean value ‘false’ only. The field/column names of the individual query results are different. I tried aliasing the column names to the same name but only the first query with the alias will be considered.

The output I got above is the result of ‘Merge series/tables’ transformation. The individual query outputs were merged in series. I want the values to be updated row wise in a single column (individual column names are not important and can be renamed).
I am trying to create a list of errors which were ‘false’. So I will apply ‘Override Fields with name’ to map each query output ‘false’ to the respective field name.
So the final panel will look like:
Error (Column name)
Error name1 – ‘false’ mapped to using Override Fields with name
Error name2
Error name3

It would be highly helpful if I could get any leads on solving the problem.

Thanks in advance!