How to make bar line bigger


Is there anyway to make the lines/bars on this graph any bigger?

Grafana has lots of settings for changing the styles of points and lines. You can start here:

For more advanced styling, you can use Series overrides as well.

Here is an example from the Play site that changes the thickness of lines and uses series overrides:


Depends. Right now I can see that you’re using the points alternative to plots the graph. You can try the line alternative. Nevertheless you can change the Mode Options under the display tab to make the points/line bigger.


Hi @daniellee @mefraimsson ! Thanks for the information. You both helped me learn a few new tricks in configuring these graphs. I understand we can change the thickness of the line graph, but there’s no options even under series overrides to change the width or thickness of the bar(vertical lines). I only see an option to set bar to ‘true’ or ‘false’.

I can only apply changes to the mode on the x-axis. Which is fine, but then when I goto change the date of the y-axis It will give me dates all the from 1969. Not the current date.

Was looking for a solution to show the relationship between current time and current cost pulled from AWS CloudWatch in a bar graph format. There are too many limitations.

To show wider bars using X-Axes mode time you’ll need to use aggregations to sum over time for example. Don’t know if that’s supported in the CloudWatch plugin.


I looked up examples of aggregations on other graphs. I think you are right, it’s not supported for CloudWatch :frowning: