The bar width suddenly become too slim

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    Grafana v9.5.12

Hi, I met an issue that the bar width was too strange, it was normal at start

but shuddenly become too slim after seconds

I have tried to re-group the data follow this discussion, but didn’t work.Grafana Bar chart width is too slim

Table View

Also I view this suggestion, but not sure how it can by apply in Kusto what I using to query:Bar graph problem: bars in dashboard are ok, then suddenly they become really thin

extend bin_week = bin_at(CreateDate, 7d, datetime(2020-10-06 02:00:00.0))

| summarize Total = count(), External = count(Ext) by bin(bin_week, 7d)

| extend ExternalRatio = todouble(External) / todouble(Total) * 100

| project ExternalRatio, bin_week

| order by bin_week asc


You can increase the width of the bars in the bar chart settings by selecting the line width.

Em… thanks your reply, but looks like failed.

Still same annoying issue with time series visualization in Grafana Cloud as of today (3rd March 2024)
Bar thickness is fine, if not stacked.

But too slim when stacked.


Found the reason: Timestamp of A and B was slightly different. When it’s exactly the same, the bar thickness stays wide as expected.