Bring line graph in front of bars

I have graphed the same data in two ways here and what I would like to do is widen and bring the line in front of the bar to make it more visible, but I can’t see how to do it?
Any suggestions please?


To make the line wider, you need to increase the “Line width” option (either in the Display options or in the Series Override options).

And to make the line appears in front of the bars, you have two solutions:

  • If you are using 2 queries to get your data, you can change the order of the queries: the query that you want in front of the other must be the last one.
  • You can use the Series override option “z-index” like below:

If you have trouble making these changes, do not hesitate to post a screenshot of your panel configuration.

Great. Thanks got that to work just fine!