Bar Graph Style - Change Bar Color by Threshold?

Is there a way to have a time series chart with bar style show different colors below a threshold and above the threshold?

I know you can set thresholds and show them with lines and filled areas, but I would rather have the bars change color above and below. Possible?

are you thinking of something like this, but with the bar style?

Yes…is it available now?

I’ll check.

that exact feature is not quite available today, but stay tuned!


now available in Grafana 8.1. Shipped yesterday :+1:

The new design looks quiet nice, but for my use case I would like to colorize the bars as illustrated in attached picture. Is this possible?
Further question: Is it possible to avoid the time being displayed on the x-axis? I would like to see only the date. I’m using “GROUP BY time(1d)”.

it looks like you might want to use the Bar Chart, which uses arbitrary strings on the x axis:

See the docs for the data model that you will need to fit:

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