Ability to color lines by threshold values

8.1 should be able to
The Time Series panel now includes the ability to color lines by threshold values.

is there a example where to set this exactly?

have a nice day

and on the playground
is 8.1 not added now. ;-(

do i miss something or its just hidden i can’t find it?

There does not appear to be anything on play.grafana.org reflecting v8.1 as of 10-August. Our Grafana Cloud version is also still running v8.0.6 as of 10-August.

You may be better off installing OSS 8.1 and playing around with it.

just would like to find out how to use it

Hello! Did you look at this topic: Graph and color schemes | Grafana Labs?

It has instructions on how to set the color by threshold. Hope this helps.

Just installed 8.1 and the instructions are clear.

Set gradient mode to Scheme

and set the color scheme to From thresholds (by value) then put in your thresholds, and voilla!

is it possible to have the change of the colors more gradient?