Threshold color for Bar Chart not working

Hi guys,

I have multiple energy meter kWh counters recorded from which i build via spread() hourly consumption values and I add them then via a transform to a total energy counter.
This works fine and the total kWh of all meters are shown correctly.

Then I tried to color all bars which are positive in green and all which are negative in red via threshold color, but for some reason it does not work.

It colors allways all in the same color, depending on the threshold value:

How can I achive that every single bar gets colored by its threashold value?

Not sure if it has something to do with it, but I noticed that it shows all bars very thin and with a gap (as if there are other bars still active) when I hide all other bars execept of the total one.

The size of the bars only change back to normal if i activate the replace all option, even that should be that same from my understanding as if I turn all others invisible via hide in area:

It is the same when I calculate my fields without transform actions.
It does not color the bars for some reason, but it fills the regions if I chose that option.

What could be wrong that it does not change the color of the bars depending on the given threshold?

Hello, I am encountering the same issue.
I upgraded from Grafana 8.4.1 to 9.1.7 and the color schemes in all my bar charts stopped working and only show a single color.

Before (8.4.1):

After (9.1.7):

My first thought was that the whole chart got corrupted, but i created a completely new one and the issue still occurs.

Can you please show us youelr threshholds