Threshold colors not loading properly

The Bargraph is set up for mysql Table, Threshold color is setup. The color are working properly at the time of dashboard loading and once any template variable changes and bar graph values are changed the threshold colors are not working properly

mind sharing a screenshot of your problem? Could really help if there’s visualizations.

I have set up threshold color >90 Green, >70 Yellow, Base Red. At the time of dashboard loading its working fine

While I change the variables at top and values at bar graph are changed, the threshold colors are not working properly, also dashboard is loading every 5sec.

I think you could try use overrides instead.
I’m not sure of your datasource. Could you show a structure of the results (table view)?

Tried with overrides also, Still having this problem
Override property
Mysql Table values retrieved

Use this combination:
for fields with name, set it as the column with text.

Try and see if it works.

Not working, Same issue only at the time of dashboard loading working fine, but when values of variable at top of dashboard are changed and the graph values are changed these threshold colors are not changing correctly

Could possibly be a bug. Try searching or opening an issue on github. Sorry i couldnt assist!