How to make a link from table cell to a dashboard url using various column value?

In the above image I want to form an URL and assign it to the last column so that whenever I will have multiple result for multiple test . I want to pass the value from each shell and pass in to the link on the last shell. Like below

http://localhost:3000/d/LH1gjJ6Zk/performance-result-details?orgId=1&from={query to influxdb}&to={query to influxdb}&var-ProjectName=2&var-Test_Name=4&var-Test_Id=2&var-request=All&var-aggregation=60

Also the “from time” I want to pass a query same as the “to” value, any clue how to do it ?

I tried to pass the value by using {__Pname} or ${events.Project_name} or ‘{__Pname}’ for my project name but it is not working.