How to loop a panel with a variable using Google Sheet data source

I’m using grafana Cloud…
and I’m not sure… but I new confirm of someone else…

It seems to me that it is not possible to use variables with a data source of type “Google sheet”?

I define 8 vars

'cause isn’t possible with a query on Google Sheet, right?

Now I got this panel…

I use to loop with vars using for example prometheus data source…
but using Google Sheet seems no possible.


'cause also… it is not possible to filter the call to the sheet since i can only define a range. I just want a confirmation of the impossibility of the operation.


Naturally, I filter it on transformation… but it’s a manual operation…

here below… the Value BM01 can be only accepted as hard code insert?

In conclusion, if you give me confirmation… is it not possible to use variables to replicate a panel with this type of data source, as I already do for Prometheus for example? Do I have to duplicate the panel 8 times filtering by hand? Do you have any other ideas to manage only one panel dynamically, I will surely cache the first one to save calls to the same data.

Thanks, ALEN