How to integrate Grafana alerts to Jira in order to get automatic tickets?

Hello people,

I am looking to implement a model where JIRA tickets are automatically created from Grafana alerts when the alerts are Fired.

Eg.; If server1 is down, I should immediately get a server down ticket in JIRA.

Or if the filesystem /data is more that threshold, I should get a JIRA ticket sent to respective teams.

I was able to successfully create notification emails. But I want to directly integrate JIRA and Grafana and want tickets to be generated automatically as soon as the alert is fired.

Please let me know if any of y’all have done it before or have any idea or links which would be helpful for me.

Thanks in advance!

You can try to research if it is possible to do so via OpsGenie. Grafana alerting can send notifications there. Perhaps you can find an integration of it with Jira as they are under Atlassian.

Another way is a custom webhook server that can accept notifications from Grafana via webhook integration and then create\close JIRA tickets.