How to create Jira tasks with Grafana alerts

Hi folks,

We want to create Jira tasks when we receive alerts on Grafana. I researched it a little bit and I have found some documents for Prometheus but unfortunately couldn’t find a document for Grafana about this. I want to automate this process and I need a way to create Jira tasks with specific alerts.

  • Can I achieve this?
  • How may I achieve this?
  • Is there a document for this or a topic?

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Im also looking into this have you found anything so far

I developed a custom tool for our team. It is still in development tho. Other than that there is nothing.

NICE so how are you getting it to jira and creating a ticket

Using both Grafana and Jira APIs. First, you need to get all alerts with the state of “alerting” via Grafana API. Then you need to parse the JSON for Jira API’s format. I do this every minute with my python script.

My recommendation to you is to check both Grafana and Jira APIs and develop a script with them.

Hi Mertkaant,

Can you please eloborate each and every steps,

  1. How we can get the alert in alerting state
  2. where we need to place that python script
  3. If you written script kindle share

Peter G

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