How to import past data?

Hello everyone,

I’m using InfluxDB with Grafana and I’m having an error that I don’t know how to fix it.

I have a csv file where there is data that was recorded in an specific time, this means that every files have they’re own date. So when I store the data in InfluxDB, I expecify that one of the columns has to be taken as the date. But when I import the stored data from InfluxDB to Grafana I can’t visualize it. “No data points” appears.

If I don’t specify the time when those fileds where stored, Grafana takes the date as now. Then the data is visualized, but not in the way that I’m looking for.

If someone could help


This is nothing to do with Grafana really - just InfluxDB. It seems maybe you are not importing the data correctly?

Googling this there are a lot of InfluxDB csv importers. Maybe one of those would work better?

Error fixed!

You were right. I wasn’t casting the data to integer.

My fault… Thanks;)

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