Influxdb with Grafana

I have configured my influxdb with Grafana on windows. My db consists of two time fields, one is current time stamp( automatically added by influxdb) other one is my defined value of time in Milliseconds. On the Grafana dashboard, I need time which is user defined for plotting …basically X-axis should be user defined time and Not the current timestamp from Database.

I don’t think that is possible, Grafana uses the InfluxDB time column and it is not configurable. When you are inserting data, you can insert your own timestamps instead of letting InfluxDB automatically create them. The InfluxDB line protocol accepts time data:

Doesn’t $__timeGroupAlias() work with the Influx data source? With other data sources that allows you to specify an alternative column for the timestamp.

I have inserted my own timestamp, even after that Grafana takes timetamp which is automatically set by InfluxDb. There is a difference in my current timestamp andinfluxdb timestamp since I am not doing real time monitoring.

Have you tried this?

Yes, it isn’t working

What is not working about it? Error? No data? Other?
What exactly are you saving to the database (including column type) and what exact query have you used?