How to hide one serie while displaying the two others in a Grafana graph?

I have a grafna graph where I am displaying 3 series.
My question is simple. How can a user display the values for var1 and var2 while hiding the values for var3?

Hi @dma092

Clicking the name in the legend will toggle off all the series except that one, but to keep two out of three series visible: I would use the disable/enable query button in the query editor:

CleanShot 2021-07-07 at 13.43.33

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I would suggest you to use this way: override field + standard options>color scheme

tooltip = hide in tooltip (wont show in tooltip)
viz = hide in the graph (line will disappear)
legend = hide in legend (wont show in legend)

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feel free to push Ctrl button for that

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