Override Legend - Only show for certain series

I would like to show legend values only for specific series but not for all.
Overriding the legends visibility is having the drawback that no legend is shown at all. I’d like to have the series name still displayed but hide the calculated values (min, max, total, etc) for this specific series.
Is this possible? Any pointer is appreciated.

Like this?

Thanks for the reply. Like this:

OK, gotcha. I do not think that is possible in Grafana.

I was afraid of this answer :sweat_smile:

Nevertheless, thanks for your answer. Think it would make sense to allow this as an override since the legend values not necessarily make sense for all values displayed.
In this case it makes sense to sum kWh but makes no sense to sum Watt.

I agree. I have had a similar need in the past.

My workaround is usually to create a separate stat panel to the right or left of the time series graph, where I display the last or avg or whatever makes sense.

Something visually similar to this:

Thanks. I’ve been considering this approach as well. Since I’m embedding the graphs in a responsive web app, it is considerable less work to deal only with one object per graph instead of two.