How to have notification for all Servers/ Service alerts that are in Warning/ Critical state on a Dashboard(with template or without template) in Grafana GUI?


My configuration is based on: Telegraf + InfluxDB + Grafana, I’m not using Kapacitor, Cronograf.
For this notification aspect is a way to have in Grafana if I’m not using Kapacitor, Cronograf?

[Server side]

I’m trying something like in Nagios | Centreon, to have on home page all Services that are in WARNING/ CRITICAL status, somehow a filtering in order to see only the problems.

It is feasible/ possible to have on the same Dashboard(with template or without template) where you have the services KPIs a top row where you can have some notifications panels (singlestat, etc) where you can see the services in WARNING/ CRITICAL status?
Or is needed to have a separate Dashboard for this?
Any recommendation or docs for this, really appreciated.

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It depends on your data, do you have metrics for your server critical warning states ?

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For the moment I have a lot of metrics regarding Services/ Processes/ etc.
I want to know how to implement a notification table/ panel for them if possible.
After this I’ll set up the thresholds for WARNING/ CRITICAL on some Hosts/ Services in order to test.

As an example, I want to have the status for all Hosts in a panel or something like this: Up / Down.
For service something similar or WARNING/ CRITICAL.

Any recommendation, guide, documentation about this?

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