Grafana alerting(Datasource:influxdb/collector:telegraf)

Dear All,

I searched many sites/blog but not see how to create alert on grafana clearly.
Could you please help me for influxdata+grafana alerting;
How to create alerting multiple server up/down with email(with screenshot)?
How to create alerting multiple server CPU with email(with screenshot)?
How to create alerting multiple server Memory with email(with screenshot)?



Every things you want here

You also need to configure grafana.ini file in the section smtp
Note : dont’t forget to remove semicolon at the start of a line


Thank you @meruem for information.I was read these information.I need to If anyone have some alert dasboard template for Server monitoring via Grafana how?Becasue If you experience grafana alert it have some problem likes;

  • Multiple Series problem—> Grafana does not do currently is track alert rule state per series .
  • Without template variable problem—>The query used in an alert rule cannot contain any template variables.
  • When alert send email we don’t know which server have problem (how to see mail title with server name only problem have on that server) Also when server alert changed to alerting–>to–>OK not show for which server.E.q:I created alert for cpu below however email title not show problematic server when clear also not give which server alerting OK?How to solve these problem?

Also I didnt find alaerting for server up/down on grafana?Anyone know how to do it?

I try to use variable in alert and it doesn’t work. Use variable in alert is not supported.

I want to create alert for all servers however when alert occured only send email that server alert.
Also, I didnt find used_memory_percent query for windows server on grafana