How to create alerts in Grafana with imported dashboard and multiple servers?

Hello, in my setup I have multiple servers which I want to monitor and create alerts for. I imported an already existing dashboard (Host Overview - 554) to monitor the data.
Now I want to create alerts with different rules for each server. When I tried to create an alert I received an error saying: Template variables are not supported in alert queries . After looking a little deeper I came to the conclusion that this error is because I use an imported dashboard and the all queries have templates in it.
Is there a work around I can use? What solution should I implement? I have 11 different servers, I don’t think that creating a different dashboard for each server is the correct way to solve this problem.
Any suggestions?

The only option is to create a query that returns many time series (use wildcard instead of a template variable)

Hi, I have a followup question to this… I have created a dashboard using a wildcard which brings back 100+ servers. But it appears that it does not send out subsequent alerts if the monitor is already in alert status? Am I missing something? If server ‘A’ breaches a threshold, then a few minutes later server "B’ breaches, an alert will never be sent for server B until the alert for server ‘A’ is no longer in alert status. Is that correct?

Yes unfortunately. See issue here:

We have just started work on the next iteration of alerting and this is high on the list of issues to solve. The current workaround is to set an alert reminder and that will include new values. The downside is that this increases the number of notifications.