Grafana notifications for firing entity in Multi-query alerting rule

Hello everyone,

I don’t know how many times and how many hours I’ve tried to get behind the new alerting system, but for my use case I just can’t seem to find a solution.

What I am trying to achieve, should, in my eyes at least, be relatively simple:

I have a server with multiple drives (HDD and SSDs). The temperature of these is being monitored and sent into an InfluxDB, the data is being displayed on a Grafana dashboard. Since they all belong together, I created an alert rule where they all are being evaluated and if one of them is overstepping a certain threshold, the alert is being triggered.

To get to the point: The alerting itself is not the issue, it’s the content of the message. Kinda.
By default, the message contains something like “B=52°C” and when more are overstepping their thresholds, they get added to the list. What I want is to have the drive name instead of the Query name.

How do I do this? Or should I make alert folders for each server and then rules for each drive in this folder to eliminate that one variable dimension instead of having all drives in one alerting rule? All guides and documentation I read always have use cases I can’t translate for my needs and/or use static query names in their messages.

(Additionally, it’d be great to have the same label-value pair in the resolved message to see what device is now back to normal with what temperature)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! :wave: Can we see the alert rule in Grafana? A screenshot of the edit page, including the queries, expressions and any custom annotations or custom labels would be great.

Ah yes of course, I thought screen shots wouldn’t be beneficial for such a broad question. Here is one of my queries (they are all the same except for the different serial numbers for the drives):

All of the queries are then evaluated here in this “classic condition” block:

And this is the annotation/label part. I have no notification/message templates.

Is that helpful or did I miss something?